Social Skills & Beyond

Therapeutic Social Skills Groups
Rockland Jewish Family Service offers a therapeutic social skills program for children ages 4-18, and a transition-based social skills program for young adults ages 18-26. Individuals who have been previously diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, PPD NOS, Nonverbal Learning Disability or Social Anxiety are candidates for these programs.

The purpose of the groups is to teach and help develop appropriate social skills in areas that promote social awareness, healthy living and independence. Throughout the group sessions there is a strong focus on nonverbal and verbal communication skills as well as promoting positive social interactions with peers.

Our therapeutic services are insurance reimbursable. We will provide you with an invoice to be submitted to your insurance company.

For more information on all Social Skills & Beyond programs please contact Michele Koenig, LPC, LMFT, Director of Clinical Programs at 845.354.2121 ext. 141, or via e-mail: