For Health Professionals

Eating Disorder Treatment

At RJFS, we understand the importance of using a team approach to treat clients with eating disorders. We ensure that clients who participate in our program have been medically cleared for outpatient treatment by their primary care physician. In addition, we collaborate closely with dietitians, psychiatrists, therapists, and other members of a client’s existing treatment team to ensure the safety and progress of each client.

Our eating disorders therapy group may be used to augment your client’s treatment. Some of our clients participate only in group therapy while continuing to work individually with their current outpatient therapist, while others may participate in our full range of services.

Our group therapy program focuses on skill sets based on Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapy to offer clients concrete ways of understanding and improving current behaviors. Emphasis is also placed on peer support, physical health and nutrition, family support, understanding and managing triggers, body image, and coping skills.

RJFS is proud to be a leader in Eating Disorders in our community. We offer educational seminars and presentations to groups throughout Rockland County and beyond. Our speaking engagements can be tailored to meet the specific learning goals of your group. We travel to schools, mental health clinics and hospitals to present to a wide variety of audiences. Please contact Christine Miraglia Knorr at 845-354-2121 x160 for more information.