Group Cognitive Therapy

Learn how to alleviate anxiety, depression, anger and other unpleasant feelings, in our Cognitive Therapy Program.

The program is designed for people suffering from emotional disorders in which negative thinking has a major role in the maintenance of the disorder. Individuals with anxiety disorders, intermittent explosive disorder, excessive anger, major depression, dysthymic disorder and various adjustment disorders are potential candidates for this program.

Program Details
• Four to eight participants in the group.
• Each meeting includes a short lecture and helpful exercises.
• Led by an experienced, licensed clinical therapist.
• Participants learn tips and techniques for changing negative emotions / behaviors.
• Not a discussion / support group, but a program where individuals are taught how to minimize negative thinking and maximize positive thinking and coping skills.
• We welcome people of all religious beliefs!

Join Us!
Our Cognitive Therapy Program runs for twelve weeks and is held on Thursdays, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (each session is 90 minutes). All clinical services are insurance reimbursable. For more information or to register contact Sidney Paul at Rockland Jewish Family Service: 845-354-2121, extension 150 or email